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Fare Blend



(613) 567-3700

337 Somerset St. W. Ottawa, ON K2P-0J8


Fare Blend serves a delicious mix of International Cuisine and Unique Musical Guests.

Our daily table d’hôte menu awakens the taste buds, while monthly musical offerings from around the globe satisfy the soul.

Our fine dining fare and musical experience is located in the heart of Downtown Ottawa’s Somerset Village. Set in a stunning turn-of-the-century home, our unique blend of Canadian / International décor complements the outstanding food, stellar service and incredible music.

Perfect for a business lunch, a big family get-together or a romantic night out, our highly trained wait staff provide you with an experience that is second to none.



Are you ready to travel the globe in a few hours? Take a step across continents, as we serve you the delights of the world.

Our culinary vision is steeped in the beliefs of West African cooking; good things take time.  Fare Blend believes this principle can be applied to any world cuisine.  An Italian cook will tell you the best risotto takes careful timing… An Indian chef will explain the best curry must be prepared with hours of care, to enhance the spice and flavour… A Japanese cooking master will describe that the correct cooling time and precision is the key to the perfect maki roll.

Fare Blend respects all the flavours of the world, and takes the time to select the most delectable and intriguing dishes from around our planet, and cooks them to perfection.

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